Strategic Place For Living and Studying

What’s Nearby Us?

    • Bank (Maybank, Hong Leong, ..etc)
    • Mart (99 Speedmart,de Market)
    • Pharmacy (Watson)
    • Medical Centre (Taman Desa Medical Center)
    • Clinic Mediviron
    • Mosque
    • Laundry
    • Police Station
    • Fire Rescue Station
    • Bus Stop in walking Distance
    • 7 Eleven
    • many more convenient lifestyle facilities nearby.

Syuen_College_maybank Syuen_College_99Speedmart Syuen_College_7-eleven Syuen_College_bus_stop Syuen_College_polis_diraja_malaysia Syuen_College_laundry_shop Syuen_College_Hong_Leong_Bank Syuen_College_bombaSyuen_College_watsons

A club to nurture students who enjoy more physically challenging activities even if they are not athletes per say. SYUEN’s Sports Club believes; students participation in sports activities during college years, expose them to wide range of life enhancing benefits.

Students can benefit in the form of competition, challenges, excitement, involvement and socially connecting themselves with others who share the same interest. Nonetheless, students can also use SYUEN’s Sport club as a platform to seek mental and physical relaxation, to refresh and rejuvenate themselves, coping with stress, creating a sense of accomplishment, finding ways to control body weight, maintaining physical well-being, improving various sport skills and finally ” to keep kids off the streets!”

SyuenCollege_Sport5 SyuenCollege_Sport1 SyuenCollege_Sport3

In the event you have solid, relentless slant towards music; your membership is a must in SYUEN’s Music Club. A club dedicated to engage students with music talent; such as singing, playing instruments, and dancing to be passionately involved in flourishing their talent.

SYUEN’s Music Club aspires their members to share and exchange their individual musical talents, learn more through shared believes and collectively take part in college activities, competition and perform to entertain audiences. The club additionally aim to promote ‘a proper use of free time’ among students through continuous learning and developing their musical skills and potentials.

 Syuen_College_Music1 Syuen_College_Music2 Syuen_College_Music3

While it is true that extreme and adventurous activities don’t usually attracts everybody nevertheless there are substantial number of people to whom this activities are influential and fulfilling part of their life. A scholar has coined a term for this type of people thrill seekers; “type T” and SYUEN’s Recreational & Extreme Adventure club is just for our “TYPE T” students.

Since, “Type T’s” are not just the mountain climbing, camping, scuba diving, parasailing, rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding and whatsoever; history had also proves that “Type T” are also often our best inventors, entrepreneurs and explorers, CEOs, surgeons, and civil rights leaders therefore SYUEN has committed to produce more of them via its Recreational & Extreme Adventure Club.

 Syuen_College_Extreme3 Syuen_College_Extreme1 Syuen_College_Extreme2

College Syuen also part of the regiment Askar Wataniah under the Defense Ministry ( All trainees had to undergo physical training on endurance and versatility as well as marching, combat skills and self defense including lessons on weapon usage and safety, wilderness survival skills and more.

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