Syuen College provides modern, comfortable, safe and convenient accommodation for all students in walking distant location.


Malaysia is an exciting and affordable place to live. Living costs to study in Malaysia is relatively cheap compared to other countries. On a reasonable budget, you can cover your living and entertainment costs and have money spare to travel.


Syuen College provides many great facility that help and guide student in daily routine as student and keep them positive all the way to graduate.


SYUEN’s Music Club aspires their members to share and exchange their individual musical talents, learn more through shared believes and collectively take part in college activities, competition and perform to entertain audiences.


SYUEN’s Sports Club believes; students participation in sports activities during college years, expose them to wide range of life enhancing benefits.

Recreation & Extreme

Syuen College involve in extreme and adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, camping, scuba diving, parasailing, rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding and many more.

Career Prospect & Opportunities

Career prospects for a country worker are next future generation. In a volatile and constantly evolving economy, next generation is also a profession built for flexibility. As the needs of populations change, the opportunities successful generations are those with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills that can be quickly applied to real world and industry.

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